Flagrant Club was established in 1991 and immediately won a place of honor among the best dance clubs in Moldova.

Pupils decorated his club dancing all city and national festival.


After 5 years of coaching, the club was awarded Flagrant authoritative republican Jury title of exemplary team.


The dancers of the club began to act more confident on the floor, not only his country, but also abroad. In the finals of international tournaments in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Austria.


Successful performance of the pupils in the international tournaments and world championship title contest and Europe. Job coaches repeatedly noted the leadership of the city with diplomas and valuable gifts.

American choreographer Martha Graham Dance defined as a genuine expression of the deepest emotional feelings are released through body movement. Anthropologist Joan Kealiinohomoku gives the following definition: "Dance - a transitory, fleeting way of expression that occurs in a given form and style by body movements".

Jules Van Camp Charlotte (Julie Charlotte Van Camp) in his dissertation brought together the main provisions constituting the definition of dance: dance - is a human movement which is formalized, that is done in a certain style or a certain pattern has such qualities, like grace, elegance, beauty, accompanied by music or other rhythmic sounds aims of the plot and the story has a purpose communication or expression of feelings, those ideas which can contribute to mime, costumes, scenery, stage lighting and so on. It also notes that various the definition of "dance" are unanimous in only the first paragraph - that the dance - it is human movement.

Dance existed and exists in the cultural traditions of all human societies. Over the long history of mankind it is constantly changing, reflecting the cultural development. There are a lot of species, styles and dance forms.

Dance is used as a way of expression, social interaction, for religious purposes, as an adversarial sport as a show kind of art.