The first dance of the newlyweds with us has no limits: staging a wedding dance, original wedding dance, slow, soft, cool, modern, potpourri, unusual, with a surprise, a fast, friendly, fun, easy, classic, touching, simple, funny, incendiary , combined, incredible, classy, simple ... The choice is yours. We can help make your dream into reality!


The first dance of the young can be prepared as the national dance: Russian wedding dance (folk), the Armenian wedding dance, Tatar, Georgian, Caucasian (Lezginka), India.


Wedding Dance School © Flagrant - are professional choreographers, individual approach to each pair and, as a result, the most beautiful and elegant wedding dances.


Learn wedding dance is held at a convenient time for you (working from 10.00 to 23.00) and place convenient for you. Learn wedding dance with us is simple, the main thing - trust and take the first step!


Statement of wedding dance will bring you new emotions and pleasure! Come to our classes and learn the wedding dance of your dreams. Dance results and excellent mood is guaranteed!)

Best wedding dance - dance, made with knowledge of the case and from the heart! © Flagrant